5 Packers and Movers Tips COVID-19 Pandemic

Many things in our life have slowed down now because today we are slowing down the spread of Coronovirus. Even in Navi Mumbai, many people are trying to establish their homes at this time. For some people, this time is the right time to be near their family and today time has told that our house can also be our office. But many people are thinking that in this time it “Is safe to shift house in COVID-19 Pandemic?”

During this epidemic, Link India Packers & Movers puts the safety of its customers and its team first. This is why we are offering tips on how to ensure that your shifting is successful.

1. Quotation on Video Call

First of all, make a list of your household items that we have to move and together make sure the shifting date. Now take any video call app in your mobile phone. You can send us your home goods list from mobile and show your goods by video call. The Link India Packers and Movers team will send you quotations online.

2. Sanitize your belongings and home before shifting

Sanitize all the doors and handles of your house to make it safe for all of you and Disinfect touch points you use heavily. Take care of the safety of our packing team who will come to work. Our team will be able to protect you by wearing PPE KIT, and carry extra hand sanitizers, soaps and paper towels.

3. Check Medical Certificate

We conduct all our teams medical checkups every week. When our team comes to your house, you can check their negative RT-PCR Negative report. If you or your family shows signs of corona, then you should get it checked and inform us also.

4. Sanitize the new house where you are shifting

When you arrive at your A home, then sanitize your new house as well. Sanitize the doors, handles and walls of the new house. By this process you are ensuring that these germs and viruses are eliminated which are inadvertently past residents.

5. Follow COVID-19 Safety Measures

Moving days are like those days in which if you were making a distance from other people, then even today you have to make a distance from everyone. Hand wash must be done every 2 minutes and take care of the children and elders of the house separately.